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Tupperware Reunion 2003


Several former Tupperware employees of Halls, TN began to organize a reunion back in January and February of 2003.  Employees met at the New City Court in Ripley, TN where meetings were held on the second Saturday of every month.  After the last meeting in May, the date and time had been set, and the place rented.  On May 24, 2003, Tupperware held its 10 year reunion after its shutdown in 1993.  There was quite a good turn out. 

The officers and committee members involved in pulling this reunion together were:

D. Stocklin                F. Johnson          V. Robbins      H. Jelks                L. Emmons

N. Mooney                M. Jackson        M. Bernard     D. Dowell             T. Mamula

S. Crews                   N. Nelson           E. Dowell       D. & A. Tillman     J. Mooney   

J. Moton                   M. Wilson           M. Janda        D. Johnson           T. Bently

    Photos from reunion





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