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Lucky's Home Page

Meet Lucky
Name: Lucky

Breed: Miniature Doberman Pinscher

Date of Birth: November 18, 1994

Status: Single

Reproducing Status: Neutered

Known Illnesses: None at the moment except for an allergy sufferer as we all are. He has light skims over both his eyes (like a cataract), but it is believed to be caused by the fat intake that my aunt feeds him. That has stopped. Every time I think that the skims over his eyes are shrinking, my belief.

Weight: about 15 to 17 lbs.

Shots: All required by state law. Tags to prove it.

Well the thought of having a dog was bought up one day by me.  My mom said "No!" at first.  It was one evening when I got home from school in April of 1995.  My mom, aunt, and grandma had gone to Memphis.  They got back extremely late say around 8pm to 9pm.  I heard the doorbell ring and got up.  I went to the door to turn on the light and my eyes went wide because my aunt was holding a puppy.  I was excited.  I asked what, how, why, when did you get him?  My mom told me that her friend has a daughter who had this pup with her.  She could not keep him any longer because both her and her husband had to work.  Every time they came in from work, there would be something torn up in the house and the pup obviously did it.  Well my mom said here you go.  She told me she paid $350.00 for him.  He came with his ears clipped and his tail clipped (cute little tail.)  His tail had the disposable stitches from where the tail had been clipped.  It looked like it was infected because the tail always bothered him to sit on or when anyone touches it.  We ended up taking him to the vet to get that fixed.  When we did his first vet check, he weighed 5 lbs.  He looked similar to a oversized New York rat the way he ran. 

His training habits were very difficult. He knew where to take care of his business at his former owner's house, but not at ours. A new environment means a strange place for him.  He "used it" everywhere in the house.  We had to scold him.  We put vinegar in every spot he used it and would rub his nose in it to show him not to do it there again.   We resorted to tying him up in the utility room on a leash with a mat under him.  We did that in the mornings and evenings.  He stayed on it until he did something and when he did his job, we took him off.  But he does it again somewhere else. Oh mom, my aunt, and I were just about ready to strangle that dog at times.  He is just doing what most male dogs do.  We finally got him trained on pad; he squats like a girl pup to "use it."  He doesn't hock his leg.  That's funny.   He is thoroughly trained now.  However he can not stand to have anyone in the same space he's in.  We have to remain out of the utility room until after he's done his thing.

When we aren't at home, he will get on my aunt's bed and look out the window because she leaves her blinds open to where he can see out.  He will lay on her bed unless he has to use the bathroom or is hungry.  He will always be on my aunt's bed or he will even get on mine.  He hasn't been able to jump on my bed lately.  He wants to keep warm too.  He gets under the covers really quick to keep warm.

When we are at home, its different.  The dog is hyper at times.  He will come to the door and bark when he sees me coming in.  He is like a shadow on my heels.  He follows me to the bedroom to where I change out of my work clothes.  He is like a alarm and protector.  If he hears something or senses something in our presence or outside, he lets us all know it. But sometimes he doesn't hear anything because he is really a deep  sleeper.  Oh when we get ready to leave, He does a hilarious thing. He turns in circles like crazy.  He wants to go too but we tell him to stay behind as always.

I have to say the funny things about him is that he runs like a little rat, but he's big.  I believe that if you look at his head, he almost has the shape of a bat's head (mammal).  He will grow to about a foot tall the name miniature comes to his breed.  I usually play with his bone and throw to a fetching like game, he goes right after it.  He will bring his bone back to me and I would have to get it away and throw it again.  If I am sitting Indian style on the floor and run my hand around my back, he runs after it in circles.  He used to do that a lot, but now I think "he has caught on."  He won't do it probably only one time.  Another thing, my aunt's phone has a certain ring to it that he doesn't like. When it rings, he howls. It is funny.  However I believe the ringer hurts his ears. 

Oh he is a jealous type as well. If I sit next to my mom and she begins to scratch my back, you can bet he's going to know and hops out of my aunt's recliner and come to the couch we are sitting on and gets between us.  He wants his belly scratched when he comes over.  When playing with his bone,  he slings that bone back and forth in his mouth that it sometimes accidentally lets go. You don't believe that bone will go soaring through the air like a missile.  It hurts too when it hits you.  But he doesn't mean it.  He is just playing with it.  He is a funny pup to be around when you need a laugh.

Now who he likes?  Well he likes me, mom, and my aunt. If someone like my uncle, who lives behind us in a trailer that when he visits, he goes nuts.  He barks and growls at him like he is ready to attack him. He is so funny at doing that.  He doesn't like strangers that come around. He has to smell them of course to get used to them.

Well that was a little bit of background about my pup. 

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