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On July 17th, I had just left the house to take my evening walk along the highway.  I was about a few feet from the house on the road I live and I heard this whining sound coming from the ditch to my right.  The weeds were extremely high and I had no idea what the whining was.  As I approached the weeds, I saw something moving in them.  I got closer and I was upset to see a small German Shepherd puppy scared to come out of the weeds because it had no idea where it was.  I called my aunt using the cell phone because I did not want to leave it there in the ditch alone.  She came out and she took the puppy into the house because we didn't want to leave it out where the puppy could get hit during the night by a car.  My mom was wondering if it might have been one of the neighbors that lost it.  I did take my walk but went by people's houses and asked if the puppy had belonged to them or if they knew who it belonged to.  No luck finding the owner. 

After I returned from my walk, my aunt and I decided to give it a bath.  We still weren't sure what the sex of the puppy was at first.  My aunt thought it was a boy.  Well, she was wrong.  It was a girl.  My aunt named it Ruffus before we found out the actually sex.  (Laughing).  I wanted to call her Lightfoot because that is where she was found on Lightfoot Road. 

That night we kept her.  We had her kept in my dog's small kennel over night and off and on the whole night I heard her whine.  I thought, "I'm never going to get sleep with this."  I got up at 5am Friday morning to let the pup out and put her on the couch and I lay there with her for a while.  I was hoping the vet clinic would take her to find her a home but they don't accept stray dogs.  I had no choice but to call the pound.  About 2pm that Friday, the officer from the pound came to pick up the German Shepherd puppy.  I do hope that this puppy is found a home.  This puppy, even though an outside dog, needs a home.  It has been a week this past Thursday.  Surely someone has picked her up.

I guess this wraps this story.  Pictures are below of the puppy.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.




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