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Lauderdale County Backwater

 of 2002

You should be hearing "Under The Sea"


Put mouse cursor on top of picture to see label.  Then read the corresponding statements below.  Thanks

PICTURE           A PICTURE      B PICTURE       C
PICTURE        D PICTURE         E PICTURE        F

In picture A, you will see flood waters from the rise of the Mississippi River at the bottom of Long Hole Road.  This was taken nearing sunset.

In picture B, you will see flood waters from the rise on Highway 19 West heading to Ashport, TN.

In picture C, you will see a truck coming through the flood waters from Ashport, TN.  Residents that live in the flooded area could go by their vehicles (mostly large trucks) until they stop and then take a boat to get to their house.

In picture D, you will see Long Hole Road again in the middle part of the daytime.

In picture E, you will see Highway 19 West during the daylight hours.

In picture F, you will see what I believe appears to be the Monarch butterflies (3).


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